Town of Pincher Creek Upgrades Ice Arena to LED Lighting

He shoots, he scores!!!!! The Pincher Creek Arena is home to the Pincher Creek Huskies hockey team, but they also are used by many local shinny hockey teams, the local figure skating club, public skating and noon time hockey. In the summertime, the ice is removed and lacrosse is played on the concrete surface. Local [...]

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How LED Lights Can Save You Money When Times Are Tough

When business is slow it is awfully hard to think about spending a lot of money on anything especially lighting. It probably seems like it is working fine and it’s a fast easy, and seems like a cheap fix to keep replacing lights as they burn out and just keep things like they are [...]

Why are LED’s so Bright?

LED lights are very different from incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights work by ionizing mercury vapor in a glass tube. This causes UV light to be created which is then converted into standard visible light using a phosphor coating that is on the inside of the tube. This also means that it [...]