Energy Rebates To Check Out!

The only thing better than upgrading to LED lights to receive great quality light and lower your energy bill, is getting rebates that help to pay for your new lights. Here are a few of the energy saving programs that we have found that you may be able to use.

Sask Power:

Commercial Lighting Program: This Commercial Lighting Incentive provides non-residential electricity customers in Saskatchewan with access to selected premium energy efficient lighting equipment at a discounted price. The program is hassle-free and can help to significantly lower your business’s electricity costs.

Check it out here.

Manitoba Hydro:

Lighting Program Incentives: Use energy efficient lighting in your business to reduce energy costs, improve the quality of your lighting, boost productivity, solve process problems, lower maintenance costs, and increase equipment life. They offer guidance and financial assistance to commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers that install energy efficient lighting in renovation and new construction projects. To qualify you must be a Manitoba Hydro customer billed at the electrical general service rate and operate lighting for at least 1,000 hours per year.

Check it out here.

BC Hydro:

Commercial New Construction: They offer design support for large buildings in the early stage of the design process that have potential electricity savings with at least 50,000 kWh per year. This is offered to those located in BC Hydro service territory.

Check it out here.

Hydro One:

High Performance New Construction: Whether you’re breaking ground or breaking down walls, high-efficiency equipment and systems can increase property value and make your building more desirable to owners and tenants. Hydro One can help, with incentives for building owners and design decision-makers for going high efficiency.

Check it out here.

Save on Energy:

Receive Financial Incentives for Upgrading to LED Lighting: Determine if you qualify for a financial incentive based on your lighting requirement by checking out Save on Energy’s table that has been created for ease of reference.

You can view the table here.

We can’t guarantee that you will qualify for these incentives but they are worth checking out just in case. If you know of any other incentive or rebate programs please let us know!

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