Warehouse LED Lighting

Warehouses today can typically cover hundreds of thousands of square feet and very expensive to maintain. The efficiency and profitability is one thing that can be vastly improved with lighting that can give the best visual accuracy at all levels in a warehouse including between shelves and down long aisles.

LED lighting improves performance through efficiency and lower maintenance costs. They can last on average about 100,000 hours of continuous use, substantially reducing replacement costs over the life of the luminaries. They also use 20-50% less energy to deliver the same or better illuminations in comparison to their metal halide equivalents.

LED’s provide unparalleled visibility throughout any size or congregation of a warehouse, they also have a higher luminance rating which makes it easier to see fine detail and extinguish between similar crates or parts. This will improve the visibility which contribute to employee safety by reducing accidents that can be caused by poor lighting. LED lights can make sure that that the lighting is uniform throughout the entire building.  By providing beam uniformity workers experience lower levels of fatigue and eye strain when they work in areas with more uniform lights. This will also help employees maintain optimum performance levels over the course of a standard work day thanks to the uniform lighting.

LED in Action provides warehouse lighting solutions for both new and existing facilities. Please feel free to contact us at 1-855-264-8600 to speak with a representative in your area who can suggest the best LED lighting options for you warehouse, or contact us at info@ledinaction.com

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