Off-Road LED Lights

Our LED Off-Road lights are built to last. They are perfect for your car, truck, off-road equipment, industrial equipment, and mining equipment. Basically anything that is used in a harsh outdoor environment that needs lighting, we have the lights for you. Our Off-Road lights are perfect for real people: farmers, ranchers, hunters, industrail workers, and people who know how to get things dirty and need a quality product that will stand up to wear and tear while still performing.
Our Off Road LED Light Bars are perfect for mounting onto trucks, cars or any other type of vehicle. They are a spot light / flood light combination, which helps to produce a wide but bright area of light. It will brighten up the ditches and help you to see much better in the dark. Our Off Road LED Light Bars are currently 30% -40% OFF!
Our Off Road Round LED’s can be mounted to anything!!! Seriously anything that moves we can most likely attach one of these lights. Our Round Off Road LED’s provide more of a spot light making them great for being able to see long distances at night. They are also available as flood lights if you are needing a more dispersed light. Our Round Off Road LED’s are 30% Off right now!!!!

16″ Light Bar Blowout Sale!

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Exciting news this week here at LED in Action! We are blowing out our 16 inch LED light bars for a great price so make sure that you come and grab one while we [...]

Food Processing Lights

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We are excited to introduce our brand new Hi-Clean Plus. It is specifically designed for food processing lighting applications, it is designed for ultra-high safety performance without glass or exposed screws to prevent any [...]

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