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Portable Work Light

Work Lights

Our best selling work light.  It runs off of a rechargeable battery so that you can take this light anywhere.

  • Rechargeable
  • Magnetic feet and rubber grip handle
  • Polycarbonate stand for simple and easy directional adjustment
  • 2 settings: 3-hour run time on 100% or 6-hour run time on 50%
  • USB power bank charging facility
  • 3,000lm output
LED High Bay Light

Linear High Bays

Linear fixtures specifically designed for warehouses and stores, generating lighting patterns that provide the best lighting coverage for the shape of aisles.

  • Linear High Bay Solution
  • Occupancy Control, Dimming Control, Daylight Sensor, Motion Sensor
  • Replaces up to 650W
  • Mounting Option Available
LED Street Lighting

Street Lights

Street lights that are suitable for a wide range of industrial roadways such as high-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed roads. Complies with many lighting levels and standards. Designed for easy maintenance as its smooth design makes it impossible for dust, sand, or other solid material to accumulate.

  • Delivers 130 lumens per watt
  • Comes with Power Off Protection, Surge Protection, and Intelligent Control to make sure you are getting the best roadway light
  • Available in 30W up to 150W
  • Angle Adjustable Spigot

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LED Yard Light

Yard Lighting

The Yard Light works well in temperatures from -25°C to +50°C. With an easy install and light-weight casing, this fixture is ideal for an easy fix to your outdoor lighting problems.

  • IP65 rated weather protection allows it to be used indoors or outdoors
  • Delivers 100 lumens per watt
  • Operating temperature of -25°C to +50°C
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Lighting for garages, barns, alleyways, and parking lots
LED Wall Pack Light

Wall Packs

These LED wall packs offer maximum light output for general purpose area and security lighting. They efficiently delivery lumens, and consume less energy than traditional wall pack technologies. This versatile luminaire is ideal for replacing existing MH fixtures.

LED Tube Lighting

Tube Lighting

The UniV8 LED T8 Tube is the ultimate T8 retrofit solution. This universal lamp can be installed in fixtures with or without a ballast, making it ideal for retrofit applications where the fluorescent systems are being upgraded to save energy and maintenance costs.

Customers can elect to utilize the existing ballast with no rewiring or install directly without a ballast.

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Since 2008, LED in Action has provided customizable solutions to the industrial market for some of the toughest and harshest environments in North America. Our rugged products are currently distributed through most national distributors, as well as local distributors throughout Canada and the United States. 

We’ll work with your local distributor representative of choice throughout the United States and Canada. Contact a product representative today for more questions and information about your specific application.