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Top 5 Key Features of the SuperLux
1. 96,000 LumensThe SuperLux is our brightest LED fixture with an industry-leading lumen output of 96,000 lumens. With an output of 600 watts at 160 lumens per watt, the SuperLux is a brighter, more efficient replacement for a 1000-watt HID light. When mounted at...
How to Upgrade to LED Lighting in 3 Steps
Do You Have Any Lighting Headaches Around Your Plant?If you are looking to upgrade your current lighting to LED lighting but don’t know where to start, you can use our part number generator to find your part number in 3 quick steps. You’ll need to know what...
Top 5 Key Features of the Universal HazLoc
1. Universal Mounting OptionsThe universal HazLoc LED light is a versatile fixture with six different mounting options that can be switched out in less than two minutes. Having a variety of mounting options means that you can stock these fixtures in your storeroom and...
LED Crane Lighting Overview

LED Crane Lighting Overview

Pioneers in LED Crane Lighting Solutions for Over 15 YearsSince 2008, LED in Action has replaced thousands of lights on cranes with our LED crane lighting solution. Our crane lights have proven to...

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