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How to Upgrade to LED Lighting in 3 Steps

February 21, 2024

Do You Have Any Lighting Headaches Around Your Plant?

If you are looking to upgrade your current lighting to LED lighting but don’t know where to start, you can use our part number generator to find your part number in 3 quick steps. You’ll need to know what application/type of environment your light is for, what your input voltage is at your plant, and how many lumens you require (or your mounting height).

What is the Application Where the Fixtures Will Be Installed?

The first step in discovering what type of lighting you require is determining where the lighting is going. In what application will these fixtures be installed? We have high bay lighting, mast lighting, crane lighting, flood/area lighting, NSF food lighting, hazardous lighting, and high-temperature lighting. Each application has fixtures specific to these environments that include different mounting options. 

What is the Input Voltage at The Plant?

Next, you’ll need to know what the input voltage is in your area of the plant. Does your plant run on low-volt (100-277 Vac), high-volt (277-480 Vac), or 600 Vac input?

How Many Lumens Do You Require at the Working Plane?

Lastly, you’ll need to determine how many lumens are needed for each area. If you aren’t sure of the amount of lumens required, you can also select your mounting height to help determine the lumen output you require. 

Still Unsure of What Lights You Need and Don’t Have the Time to Complete an Audit of the Different Areas in Your Department?

LED in Action can provide you with a lighting audit report of your plant or department for free, with no obligation to buy. 

For the Past 15 Years LED in Action Has Been A Pioneer in LED Lighting for Heavy Industrial Plants

We have a team of local representatives who are heavy industrial specialists who spend most of their week inside heavy industrial plants such as steel mills, paper plants, meat packing facilities, chemical plants, oil & gas plants and mines across both Canada and the US.

Our team is familiar and comfortable with the proper PPE required to get into plants and understand the unique applications and harsh environments that cause lighting failures in plants. Whether you need hot mill lighting, overhead crane lighting, high mast lighting, high voltage lighting or washdown lighting, our representatives are specialists in all types of LED lighting applications. 

How The Audit Works

Our specialists come on-site to perform the following actions: 

  • Take Building Measurements
  • Take Ceiling Height Measurements
  • Complete Temperature Readings at Multiple Areas in Your Plant
  • Calculate Current Lighting Levels
  • Record Voltage and Wattages of Lights You Are Currently Using
  • Document Applications and Environments Where Lights Are Needed 

Our specialists have completed many audits over the years and can get all the information required in no time at all, creating a hassle-free opportunity for you to get an onsite audit completed. 

We Will Provide You With an Audit Report That is Yours to Keep 

Our lighting specialists will provide you with a detailed audit report and lighting plan with our lighting recommendations without any obligation to buy from us. 

If you do choose to move forward with the lights from our lighting plan, we don’t sell directly to industrial plants. We only sell through major electrical distributors, which you may be under contract to buy from. These distributors already have our part numbers in their system and we will be happy to work with them to provide your personalized lighting plan. 

Interested in Getting a Free Lighting Audit?

Fill out the audit request form below and our local LED in Action rep will reach out to you. 

Since we specialize in LED lighting for heavy industrial plants, we do not offer audits for commercial buildings or smaller facilities. But if you are a heavy industrial plant and want help with a fast and hassle-free lighting audit at your plant or department, fill out the request form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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