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Top 5 Key Features of the SuperLux

March 4, 2024

1. 96,000 Lumens

The SuperLux is our brightest LED fixture with an industry-leading lumen output of 96,000 lumens. With an output of 600 watts at 160 lumens per watt, the SuperLux is a brighter, more efficient replacement for a 1000-watt HID light. When mounted at ceiling heights of 100 feet, the SuperLux delivers over 100 foot-candles on the working plane. 

2. Lightweight

The SuperLux is a compact LED fixture that only weighs 32 pounds. If you find another light that is 96,000 lumens or greater, it is because it is two LED fixtures joined together, or because they are putting 2-3 drivers in the driver box, creating a heavier fixture with more maintenance and failure issues.

At only half the weight of most HID and other LED lights, the SuperLux is a one-of-a-kind fixture providing an industry-leading lumen output while being a compact single-lens, single-driver fixture. 

3. Best Driver on the Market

The SuperLux is built with the best industrial-grade driver and the highest-quality components, which is why it comes with an Inventronics Driver. This driver is built with a wide-range voltage input that allows the driver to handle voltage dips and spikes within its range without causing any damage to the driver. The SuperLux is available in both low voltage (120/277Vac) and high voltage (347/480Vac) input. 

The Inventronics driver also comes with 10kv surge protection – but we also include an additional 10kv surge protector inside the driver box for cascading protection against any surges or irregular voltages that may occur at your plant. This combination of the wide-range voltage with the cascading surge protection is the reason why our LED lighting has the lowest failure rate in the industry.

4. Customize for Any Application

The SuperLux light is one fixture that does it all. The SuperLux can be used as a high bay light, mast light, flood light or crane light as this fixture can be customized to any application. If you are looking to standardize lighting at your plants, this is the perfect fixture for you. This versatile fixture can work seamlessly with any application throughout your industrial plant with the simple and quick switch of a bracket. 

5. Easy to Install & Maintain

The SuperLux is a favourite amongst E&I teams because it’s so lightweight and easy to install. The fixture comes standard with a 6-foot pigtail, but we can customize the fixture and provide a longer pigtail cable to make your installation process smoother if required. The SuperLux has an easy-access driver box for simple maintenance or driver replacement. 

Try Out The SuperLux Fixture for Free Today

Did you know that we offer a pilot project program where we’ll send you 4 lights free for 60 days? If you are interested in trying the SuperLux for your application, get in touch with us today to find out how to take part in our pilot project program.

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