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Hazardous LED Lighting

Driverless LED. 100°C Temperature Rating.

Explosion Proof Lighting
  • Temperature Rating Up to 100°C
  • Built to Withstand Extreme Heat
  • Classifications: C1D1, C1D2, & C2D1
  • Built-in 6KV Surge Suppressor
  • Driverless LED Available in Various Wattages and Voltages

Withstands extreme temperatures, explosion and fire hazards, as well as flammable gases and vapours.

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Options & Specifications

C1D1 – C1D2 – C2D1 Ratings

Hazardous Location LED Lighting
  • VOLTAGE: Low Volt (120V), High Volt (277V)

  • WATTAGE: From 40W to 150W

  • COLOR TEMP: 5000K (Standard) and 3000K (Optional)

  • SURGE SUPPRESSOR: Built-in 6KV Surge Protection

  • LENS: Impact Resistant

  • BRACKET: Heavy Duty  Brackets Available (Ceiling Mount, Hanging Mount, Wall Mount, etc.)

100°C Temperature Rating

Driverless LED Lighting

Explosion Proof Lighting

Components & Performance

  • LED Driverless Design

  • Luminous Efficacy: 100lm/W

  • C1D1, C1D2, C2D1 Ratings

  • Temperature Rating up to +100°C

Downloads & Resources

Download IES Files

Download the Explosion Lights IES Files.

EXP-1102 Spec Sheet

Download the EXP-1102 spec sheet.


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