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Top 5 Key Features of the Universal HazLoc

February 14, 2024

1. Universal Mounting Options

The universal HazLoc LED light is a versatile fixture with six different mounting options that can be switched out in less than two minutes. Having a variety of mounting options means that you can stock these fixtures in your storeroom and swap out the bracket option for any application anywhere in your plant. 

One fixture does it all when you need a HazLoc LED: 

  • 3/4″ Stem Mount: The fixture cable comes through the pendant mount, offering an easy connection point.
  • Wall Mount: The cable sits in the terminal block, creating a connection point. 
  • Ceiling Mount: Allows a loop-in, loop-out connection point. 
  • Adjustable Bracket Mount: Similar to the ceiling mount, it allows a loop-in, loop-out connection point, with an added adjustable bracket to suit various applications. 
  • Pole Mount: Available at a 25° or 90° stanchion mount, the cable is fed up through the pole creating a connection point within the mount.  

2. Rated for Outdoors

The universal HazLoc LED has an IP66/NEMA 4X rating suitable for indoor or outdoor use and a UL1598A Marine Grade salt spray test rating. This LED is built with multi-layers of anti-corrosive materials to ensure resistance to corrosion in all types of harsh and hazardous applications. 

3. Versatile Lumen Package

The Universal HazLoc LED is available in two sizes and five lumen output options from 7,000 lumens up to 33,600 lumens. All lumen outputs have a 65°C temperature rating.

  • 7,000 Lumens (50W)
  • 14,000 Lumens (100W)
  • 21,000 Lumens (150W)
  • 28,000 Lumens (200W)
  • 33,600 Lumens (240W)

While the size of the fixture changes depending on the lumen output, the top mounting component is the same size for all lumen outputs.

4. Inventronics Driver With Cascading Surge Protection

We’ve used Inventronics drivers for years in North America’s harshest environments. Inventronics is one of the best industrial-grade drivers made with the highest-quality components. The driver is available in low-volt (120/277Vac) and high-volt (347/480Vac) options.

The Universal HazLoc LED comes with cascading surge protection with a built-in surge as well as a 10kV surge suppressor installed inside the driver and electrical box. We have the lowest failure rate in the industry due to this combination of the highest-quality driver and the cascading surge protection.

5. Easy to Install & Maintain

The top of the fixture acts as the junction box with easy access to the driver for simple replacement or ongoing maintenance. The top of the junction box opens for easy access with any mounting option installed.

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