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High Temp Applications

LED Lighting for Hot Mill Environments

High Temp Lighting

100°C (212°F) TEMP RATING – Driverless LED Fixture up to 15000 lumens designed to withstand up to 100-degree temperatures

REMOTE DRIVERS – Remotely mount your LED Drivers up to 250’ away to eliminate failures due to excessive heat, with fixtures up to 96000 lumens.

HOT ENVIRONMENTS – Proven to last in Hot Mills, Furnace Rooms, Dryer Hoods, Cooling Beds and more.

Experience brighter than expected lighting and much longer than average life cycles with our High Temp LED Fixtures.

Hot Environment?

Learn more about our LED lighting solutions for High Temp Applications.

Designed for Extreme Temperatures

Operating Temp -40°C to +100°C

High Temperature LED Lighting

Steel and other manufacturing hot mills often experience drastic temperature fluctuations and require an industrial lighting solution with extremely high operating temperatures.

With industry-leading heat management technology, our robust fixtures are proven to withstand the hot ambient environments currently found in several of the world’s largest steel manufacturing plants and hot mills. 

Proven to Last

Over 10 Years of Success in high temp applications

LED Lights for High Temp Areas

Over 10 Years of Success in High Temp Applications

With thousands of fixtures in operation in heavy industrial plants over the past decade, LED in Action is quickly becoming the industry standard for high temp applications.

High ambient temperature applications found in Steel Mills, Paper Plants, Glass Plants and other manufacturing facilities require specialized modifications to ensure the LED Lighting can withstand extremely hot environments. 

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of solutions that have been proven to outlast current lighting in high temp applications.

How To Buy?

We sell to national distributors such as Guillevin, Wesco, Rexel, Graybar and more. We’ll work with your local distributor representative of choice throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact a product representative today for more questions and information about your specific application.

About LED in Action

Since 2008, LED in Action has provided customizable solutions to the industrial market for some of the toughest and harshest environments in North America. Our rugged products are currently distributed through most national distributors, as well as local distributors throughout Canada and the United States.