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LED Crane Lighting Overview

February 8, 2024

Pioneers in LED Crane Lighting Solutions for Over 15 Years

Since 2008, LED in Action has replaced thousands of lights on cranes with our LED crane lighting solution. Our crane lights have proven to last in heavy industrial plants such as US Steel, Ford Motors, Honda, John Deer, Cleveland Cliffs, ArcelorMittal, Nucor, Steel Dynamics, and more. 

Our crane lighting has been used by crane maintenance companies and is the premium LED lighting choice for OEM manufacturers like Zenar Crane, Simmers Crane Design & Services, and Konacranes. 

We sell our LED crane lighting through North America’s largest distribution companies such as Wesco, Rexel, Gexpro, Graybar, CED, and many more. 

LED Crane Lighting That Lasts 10 Times Longer

When we first joined the crane lighting market, end-users told us they struggled to get their lighting to last longer than 6-9 months on their overhead cranes. We created an LED lighting solution that lasts 10 times longer on cranes, giving our customers a greater ROI.

When we visit our end-users plants today, it’s amazing to see some of our very first crane lights still in operation without any flickering and as bright as ever, even after 10+ years of use.

Our customers save money in energy by using our LED crane lighting as the plant consumes 70% less power with our LED lights. Our LED crane lighting also provides savings on time and labour as plants no longer have to shut down to replace their overhead crane lighting every 6-9 months. This is a huge savings on the production side of the plant as when half the lights on a crane aren’t working, there are maintenance and safety shutdowns. 

Favourite Light Among Crane Operators

Crane operators love our LED crane lighting as it eliminates shadows underneath the crane, creating a safe working plane as the crane travels overhead. Often our end-users are so happy with the lighting levels on their overhead cranes, that they end up changing over their high bay lighting to our LED lights as well to get the same quality of lighting for the entire bay.

Every Type of Crane Light Available

Our LED crane lighting is available in multiple input voltages including 250Vdc which is common on older cranes, low voltage, and high voltage (347V, 480V, 600V). Our lighting comes with direct input drivers; installing a bulky and time-consuming step-down transformer is not required. 

Our crane lighting saves you time in maintenance and installation as they are easy to install and lightweight. Most of our crane lights only weigh 18 pounds, with the brightest light at 96,000 lumens only weighing 32 pounds – that’s less than half the weight of other crane light fixtures!  

LED Lighting for Different Environments Within Your Plant

We have LED lighting for any environment at your plant including ladle cranes and hot mills areas as we offer high-temperature lighting packages for high-temperature locations. 

Any kind of crane you have, we would love to work with you. Our team of heavy industrial specialists can guide you to the LED lighting solution that is a perfect fit for your crane. Reach out to us today – we are happy to help!

Crane Light Spec Sheets

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