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1000 Watt Replacement Options – Bright, Brighter, and Brightest!

November 28, 2023

It’s becoming more difficult than ever to source bulbs, ballasts and fixtures for 1000 Watt HID, HPS and Metal Halides.

Sure, the market is flooded with LED options for your typical 400-watt HID high bay replacement…

But when it comes to a 1000-watt equivalent, the options are limited.

Launching the First 1000 Watt Equivalent over a Decade Ago

In 2012, we launched the first 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Fixture in North America.

Some of you might remember the BE-GL400W fixture.

BE-GL400W Projector

Working together with you, the largest Heavy Industrial Plants, we were able to experiment and test what worked, and what didn’t.

While this fixture was a huge success, it had its downfalls. It was heavy, expensive, and had two drivers.

But each year, we kept improving and perfecting it, and the price kept coming down.

In 2015, we came out with the Dual Lens CHB 200W fixture.

Dual Lens CHB

Joining two fixtures together with the Dual Bracket, the 400W LED fixture was a one-for-one replacement for 1000W High Bay lights.

We didn’t just create our fixtures on the specs that looked good on paper…

But we developed it based on real-world industrial trials and have proven the test of time in some of the harshest applications in the mills.

While both are now legacy fixtures, they paved the way for what would become our most economical top-selling fixture.

Brightest Single Lens, Single Driver Fixture

Today, we offer three different solutions.

Each one of these fixtures is a true 1000-watt replacement option with a single lens and single driver.

Fewer drivers means fewer components that can fail, less weight so it’s easier to install, and a more economical price point for a faster ROI.


Comparing 3 Replacement Options

Let’s compare 4 different points for each of the fixtures:

  1. Lumen Comparisons – How many watts and lumens are these fixtures?
  2. Mounting Height – How high do you recommend mounting these fixtures and what kind of lighting levels will that provide?
  3. Weight Comparisons – How much does each fixture weigh, and how does that compare to HID?
  4. Voltage Options – What are the different voltage options for each fixture?

Lumen Comparisons

Using the best LED chips sourced from Japan (Nichia) and Korea (Seoul), we’re able to achieve industry-leading 100-foot candles at over 100′ mounting height!

These chips produce the highest quality light, giving you a bright, brighter and brightest option for your high bay and outdoor high mast applications.

Mounting Height Comparisons

Typically with a 1000-watt metal halide, HPS or HID light, your light meter reading is going to change drastically depending on the mounting height.

When we do audits and measure the lighting levels with the 1000-watt high bays, depending on the ceiling height we are getting readings that average between 5 FC and 15 FC. (at 60′ or higher).

Our lights are averaging between 60 FC and 100 FC, depending on mounting height and lumen selection.

This can be up to 10 times brighter than what you’re used to with the old high bay technology.

Weight Comparisons

Your traditional 1000-watt HID fixture is going to be at least 60 pounds.

Comparable LED brands will also be 60 pounds or greater because of the dual bracket and multiple drivers used to achieve high lumens.

When you add a bulky high-voltage transformer, it adds even more weight.

Because our fixtures only have a single lens and single driver, they are less than half the weight, making them easier to install and maintain.

Voltage Options

All three fixtures have three different voltage options.

We only use the highest quality components and proven industrial-grade drivers, which offer a wide range of voltage and have the best surge protection available.

Not to mention, these drivers are extremely easy to access and replace for years down the road.

Spec Sheets – 1000 Watt LED Replacements

Here are the High Bay spec sheets for the three lights we compared:

45,000 Lm BRIGHTBE-CHB-300W-LV (Mounting Height 60′)


72,000 Lm BRIGHTERBE-SL2-450W-LV (Mounting Height 80′)


96,000 Lm BRIGHTESTBE-HB17-600W-LV (Mounting Height 100′)


We also offer high-volt versions of the 1000-watt LED Replacement fixtures (347v, 480v, 600v).

Plus, you can customize the fixture for different mounting brackets and applications including for your overhead cranes, outdoor high masts, or flood lighting.

To choose your own voltage, mounting height and application, and create your own part number, check out this link here for the part number generator.

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