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Top 5 Key Specs of the LED Hazardous Location Flood Light

December 5, 2023

If you’re looking for a versatile LED HazLoc Flood light that is easy to install and maintain, look no further!

This fixture has the following 5 top key specs and features: 

  1. OUTDOOR RATINGS: IP66, Nema 4X, Marine Grade UL1598A
  2. EASY INSTALL: Loop-in, Loop-out ¾” NPT with easy access driver box
  3. ADJUSTABLE BRACKET: Stainless steel, included and installed!
  4. UP TO 36,000 LUMENS: 3 Lumen options at 150 lumen per watt
  5. INVENTRONICS DRIVER: LV and High volt (347v, 480v) w/ built-in Surge Protection

#1: Outdoor Rating

We built this fixture so that essentially anywhere you need an LED Flood Light at your plant, both indoors or out, this is your Go-To LED Hazardous Location fixture!

The BE-EXP-FL23 fixture is hazardous rated with IP66, NEMA 4X and Marine Grade (UL1598A) ratings suitable for indoor and outdoor harsh environments.

Built with multiple layers of anti-corrosive materials ensures long-term durability and resistance to corrosion, even in coastal areas with saltwater environments.

#2: Easy to Install & Maintain

With the electrical maintenance team in mind, we designed this fixture to make it as simple as possible for installation and ongoing maintenance.

The Loop-In and Loop-Out make it easy to run your power cable into the fixture and connect to the terminal block, with the option to run your power directly to your next fixture. 

This eliminates the need to install your junction box since the fixture itself acts as your junction box for power in, and power out.

It’s easy to access the driver box for simple driver replacement down the road.

#3: Adjustable Bracket

We’ve included a heavy-duty, stainless steel mounting bracket. The bracket has a 140-degree adjustable rotation. The bracket is installed right out of the box, making it as easy as possible for you to mount your LED Flood Light fixture.

Wire Guard is also available.

#4: Up To 36,000 Lumens

At 150 lumens per watt, you have three different lumen package options, depending on how bright you want it.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • If you’re looking for a 400 watt equivalent, we would suggest the 150w, 22,500 lm
  • If you want something brighter to replace your 400-watt HID, you could go with the 200w, 30,000 lm
  • If you want the brightest option, or if you are looking for a 1000w equiv, we’d recommend the 240w, 36,000 lm
  • Depending on mounting height, we have different beam angles available to direct the light
  • You also have an optional visor to cut back on wasting lumens from higher mounting heights.

#5: Inventronics Driver

We never cut corners on quality. This means we only use the highest quality components including LED chips and electronics drivers. 

The Inventronics Low Volt and High Volt driver (347v, 480v) with built-in surge protection is one of the best industrial-grade drivers on the market.

We’ve been using this driver now for years in North America’s harshest environments.

The fixture has cascading surge protection. This means the driver itself has a built-in surge device; on top of that, there is a 10 KV surge device installed inside the driver box as added protection.

The combination of the highest quality driver together with the cascading surge protection is the reason why we have the lowest failure rate in the industry.

Spec Sheet

Want to see more of our HazLoc LED Lighting options and spec sheets? Click here to download the LED HazLoc Spec Sheet Mini Catalog.

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