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The 600 Volt LED High Bay Taking Canada’s Industrial Market By Storm

January 23, 2024

Canada’s Most Compact 600 Volt Metal Halide Replacement

Stop Using 600-Volt Step-Down Transformers & Use A Direct Input 600 Vac LED Light Instead

Bulky, overpriced step-down transformers are a thing of the past. You can now replace your 1000-watt or 400-watt metal halide or HID high bay lights with one 600-volt LED lighting solution. Save time, labour, and money with our direct input 600-volt driver.

Over 15 Years of Solving High Voltage (347V, 480V, & Now 600V!) LED Lighting Problems at Industrial Plants

Most lighting manufacturers have run from the problem of high voltage but high voltage LED lighting has been our focus for the past 15 years. While serving the heavy-industrial market, we have provided high-voltage LED solutions in the mining, steel, oil, gas, chemical, and forestry industries.

Within these industries, we realized that high-voltage systems were the number one cause of failure for LED lights. Therefore, we made it a priority to create high-voltage LED lighting solutions to better serve our customer’s needs.

Canada’s Largest Industrial Plants Have a 600-Volt Lighting Problem

Knowing that we specialize in high-voltage LED solutions, we began to have plants approach us, asking if we could develop an LED fixture with a direct input 600-volt driver. Since then, we have developed a solution for these plants that quickly became our fastest-growing product.

Industrial plants such as Imperial Oil, Algoma Steel, Stelco, Dofasco, Cameco, and Nutrien are all using our new 600-volt solution to replace their 400-watt and 1000-watt fixtures at various locations across their plants.

How Heavy Industrial Plants Have Seen Success With 600-Volt Lighting

Here’s How You Can Save Big With a 600-Volt Direct Input Driver

Switching your step-down transformers and old lighting with our 600-volt direct input driver will save you time, labour, and money, which means a faster ROI for you.

1. Plug & Play: This means less labour and you won’t have to worry about installing a transformer with every light.

2. Compact & Light Weight: Getting rid of the transformer results in fixtures that are less bulky and only weigh 18 pounds in comparison to the 60-90 pound HID fixture that you are currently using.

3. Economical: This is a cheaper solution because the fixture is lighter and therefore less expensive to ship and it eliminates the need to install a transformer on every light.

Looking for spec sheets and more information on our 600-volt lighting options? Download our FREE 600 volt lighting guide!

Download The 600 Vac LED Lighting Guide

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