Warehouse LED Lighting

Warehouses today can typically cover hundreds of thousands of square feet and very expensive to maintain. The efficiency and profitability is one thing that can be vastly improved with lighting that can give the best visual accuracy at all levels in a warehouse including between shelves and down long aisles. LED lighting improves performance through [...]

Energy Rebates To Check Out!

The only thing better than upgrading to LED lights to receive great quality light and lower your energy bill, is getting rebates that help to pay for your new lights. Here are a few of the energy saving programs that we have found that you may be able to use. [...]

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How LED Lights Can Save You Money When Times Are Tough

When business is slow it is awfully hard to think about spending a lot of money on anything especially lighting. It probably seems like it is working fine and it’s a fast easy, and seems like a cheap fix to keep replacing lights as they burn out and just keep things like they are [...]