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Designed for Harsh Industrial Applications

LED Lighting Solutions Proven to Last in Harsh Industrial Environments

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Heavy Industrial Sector

Overhead Cranes

Built to withstand vibration and wide range voltage spikes.

High Ceilings

Increase lighting levels at the working plane up to 130′.

High Temp

Operating temperature up to 100°C. Remote mount up to 250’.


C1D2, C2D1, C1D1, Zone 1 & 2.

NSF Food Grade

IP69K, CRI93 – low and high bay from 70W to 240W.

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overhead crane design lighting

Overhead Cranes

Reduce crane operating downtime with an LED Crane Light proven to last on hundreds of cranes for over a decade.

Create a safe working environment and reduce shadows with safety cables, heavy-duty brackets, and the highest available lumen output.

250 VDC fixtures built specifically for overhead cranes and designed to withstand shock, vibration and voltage fluctuations.

Heavy Industrial



LED lighting for high ceilings

High Ceilings

Increase lighting levels at the working plane for ceilings at up to 130 feet.

Our LED lights require zero maintenance and are flicker-free with no warm-up time required. Cut maintenance and lift costs while creating a safe work zone.



Heavy Industrial

High Heat LED Lighting

High Temperature

High-temperature applications often experience drastic temperature fluctuations and require an industrial lighting solution with extremely high operating temperatures. With industry-leading heat management technology, our robust fixtures are proven to withstand hot ambient environments. Currently found in several of the world’s largest steel manufacturing plants and hot mills, you can experience brighter than expected lighting and longer than average life cycles with our high temperature LED lights.

Paper Mills

OIl & Gas

Glass Factories

Explosion proof light

Hazardous Locations

Our hazardous lights are the perfect lighting solution for locations where flammable vapours, gases, or combustible dust are present. They have instant illumination so there is no warm-up time required. They offer higher efficiency for increased energy savings, power maintenance costs, and shorter payback periods. 

Our driverless LED fixture is a leading technology in the industry and enables operating temperature ratings of up to +100°C.

Oil & Gas


Power Plants

led food processing lighting

NSF Food Grade

Our Food Processing Light meets or exceeds all food safety regulations and is built specifically for applications that come in to contact with food. It comes with the highest CRI available, can be high-pressure washed, and is built without any glass, exposed screws, or harmful substances. Its smooth exterior and streamlined body are designed so that water and other particles will easily run off of the fixture preventing any build-up of bacteria or residue. 

Food Processing


We’ve Been Providing LED Lighting Solutions  For Over 10 Years

Since 2008, LED in Action has provided customizable solutions in the industrial market for some of the toughest and harshest environments in North America. Our rugged products are currently distributed through most national distributors, as well as local distributors throughout Canada and the United States.

For the past decade, our company has been providing industrial LED lighting solutions for harsh environments found in heavy industrial industries such as steel making, mining, oil & gas, paper, power plants, glass factories, and many other manufacturing facilities.

Our lighting has been proven to last and outperform in the most unique applications. You’ll find our lights in high-temperature applications, overhead travelling cranes, food grade applications, high ceilings, and hazardous locations where explosion-proof products are necessary.

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