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Overhead Cranes

Experts in LED lighting for Cranes

Overhead Crane Light

250 VDC INPUT – Built with wide range AC / DC voltage to withstand spikes during regeneration

EASY INSTALL – Designed with compatible wiring and lightweight fixture weighing only 21 pounds.

CRANE BRACKETS – Heavy Duty Crane Brackets and Safety Cables designed to withstand extreme vibration

Reduce lighting maintenance and downtime on overhead cranes with our proven LED overhead crane lights.

Overhead Crane?

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solutions for overhead cranes.

Designed for Cranes

250 VDC Input, Heavy Duty Brackets

Overhead Crane Lights

Our LED crane lights have a uniquely wide range power supply capability which allows for frequent voltage spikes during the regeneration process while maintaining maximum light output (no flickering or lighting outages).

The lightweight, easy to install fixtures come with compatible wiring, 250VDC input voltage, safety cables and custom heavy-duty crane brackets to withstand the heavy vibration and voltage spikes.

Proven to Last

Over 10 Years of Success on Cranes

CHB Crane LED Lighting

Over 10 Years of Success with Overhead Crane Lights

LED in Action is quickly becoming the industry standard for several large crane manufacturers. For over a decade, hundreds of overhead cranes are using our LED lighting solutions with success.

We sell through the largest electrical distributors and provide lighting solutions for North America’s largest industrial plants and factories. LED in Action is trusted by the heavy industrial sector, as we provide the best and only LED crane lighting solution you’ll need for your unique application and environment. 

How To Buy?

We sell to national distributors such as Guillevin, Wesco, Rexel, Graybar and more. We’ll work with your local distributor representative of choice throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact a product representative today for more questions and information about your specific application.

About LED in Action

Since 2008, LED in Action has provided customizable solutions to the industrial market for some of the toughest and harshest environments in North America. Our rugged products are currently distributed through most national distributors, as well as local distributors throughout Canada and the United States.