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High Temp LED Lighting Overview

January 9, 2024

Pioneers in LED High Temp Lighting Since 2008

Most lighting manufacturers have run from the problem of high temperatures, but high-temp LED lighting has been our focus for the past 15 years.

LED in Action has made it our mission to work with heavy industrial plants to create numerous solutions for these high-temp locations. We serve the heavy industrial market and know that there are a lot of applications found within this market that deal with extremely hot plants. Therefore, we made it a priority to create high-temperature LED lighting solutions to serve our customers.

Our fixtures are proven to last in real-world environments, from dryer hoods at paper plants to steel plant hot mills & melt shops, to furnace rooms, gas turbines, and chemical plants. We’ve provided high-temp solutions to all types of heavy industrial plants.

We’ve replaced thousands of fixtures in high-temperature applications in plants such as US Steel, Cleveland Cliffs, ArcelorMittal, Nucor, Graphic Packaging, Georgia Pacific, WestRock and many more.

Our LED high-temp lights are sold through North America’s largest distribution companies such as Wesco, Rexel, Gexpro, Graybar, CED and more.

Problems With High Temp LED Lighting

In the LED lighting world, it’s not a secret that LED lights do not work well in high-temperature environments. When an LED driver is exposed to high temperatures, it drastically reduces the lifespan of the driver.

If you are experiencing an area of your plant where you’re changing out lights every time you have a quarterly shutdown, the reason your light is failing is likely due to heat. But there is a solution to this continuous maintenance cycle of replacing your lighting…

LED High Temp Lights That Last 5-10 Times Longer

The return on investment of our LED high-temperature lighting is phenomenal. When we came to the LED market, end-users told us they struggled to get their lighting to last longer than 6-9 months in the hottest areas of their plants.

Some plants tell us they need to change their lights every three months when they have a maintenance shutdown because the heat creates lighting failures all over the plant.

Inside the plants where we have replaced thousands of fixtures with our high-temp LED lighting, our customers have told us that our lighting lasts 5-10 times longer. This means more labour savings for our customers, as well as savings in lost production and maintenance shutdowns. Additionally, the replacement costs pay for the lights within the first year of replacement.

If You’re Experiencing Lighting Challenges Because of High Temperature Applications, We’d Love to Work With You

Our team of heavy industrial specialists would love to guide you to the high-temperature LED light that’s a perfect fit for your application.

Ultimately we want to learn about your environment and understand what the temperatures are, and how sustained they are – because once we truly understand the problem, then we can work with you to provide a solution.

So reach out to us today – we’re happy to help!

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