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Safety – We’re Going Higher Than Goggles and Gloves

June 20, 2018

If you worked here, how important would it be to SEE what you were doing?


When we hear the word safety, our minds automatically think of ways to protect ourselves. It usually goes to safety equipment: goggles, gloves, or earplugs. What if we looked at safety on a higher level? Way higher. Just a little higher… yes you’ve got it, up to the ceiling. How important is lighting to the safety of our employees?

Check out the chart below, it’s hard not to think that poor lighting could have been the cause of the falls, slips, being caught or stuck by equipment. This doesn’t include minor irritations with working in a dimly lit area. Daily struggles with eye strain and headaches sound minor, but how productive is that employee?



What is the solution? Easy! Change your lights over to LED because there is no maintenance and no added safety risk to changing your bulbs.

That’s much better!


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