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Winter is coming and that means that fewer hours of sunshine are also on the way. Be prepared for fewer daylight hours and darker evenings with LED outdoor area lights.

Our outdoor are lights offer a maximum light output for street lighting, general purpose area lighting, and security lighting. We have lighting solutions for garages, barns, alleyways, stairwells, parking lots, building exteriors, and more.

Our Top 5 Outdoor Area Lights:

1. Wall Packs: 

Our LED wall packs offer a maximum light output for general purpose area and security lighting. They efficiently deliver lumens and consume less energy than traditional wall packs. This versatile luminaire is ideal for replacing existing MH fixtures. We have four different wall pack styles available from 15W to 140W.

2. Yard Light:

The perfect light for garages, barns, alleyways, parking lots and more. This LED outdoor light works well in temperatures of -25°C to +50°C. With an easy install and light-weight casing, this light is ideal for an easy fix to your outdoor lighting problems.

3. Flood Light: 

Illuminate specific areas with our LED Flood Light. This fixture is designed with an adjustable beam angle, making it easy to accurately aim concentrated light. Suitable for use in temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.


4. HiSmooth:

This street light is suitable for a wide range of road applications, such as high, medium, and low-speed roads. This street light or parking lot light is designed for easy maintenance, as the smooth design makes it impossible for dust, sand, and other solid material to accumulate, minimizing the environmental impact on the performance of the fixture.

4. ShoeBox:

Our LED Shoebox Light is the perfect parking lot and area lot lighting solution. It is built with a robust aluminum housing that is designed for better cooling and durability. The Shoebox has a wide range of input voltages and has even light distribution making it the best light for your parking lot.