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LED Food Processing Light

Our Solution to Food Processing Industry Guidelines

October 10, 2018

The Food Processing industry is a highly regulated industry as guidelines are put in place to prevent the spread of disease through food. As of January 2017, new regulations and protocols have been put in place to raise the standards in the industry. This also includes the type of lighting required in the food industry!

Some of the regulations put on food industry lights include:

  • CRI 85 Rating

  • Clean and sanitized work areas that require constant washing

  • Made without glass

  • Made without exposed screws

  • Made without harmful substances or chemicals

  • And more!

That sounds like a lot of guidelines to consider when purchasing lighting for food areas, but we have a lighting solution that meets or exceeds all of these requirements!

Meet our newest LED addition, the Food Processing Light!

Here’s what our Food Processing Light can do for food processing applications:


Our CRI (Colour Rendering Index) rating is higher than what is required through regulations. Our light has a CRI rating of 90, well above the CRI 85 outlined for inspection areas. Why does this matter? Well, our light has a rating of 90 out of a possible 100, the highest level of CRI currently available.


The food industry is required to keep their working areas clean and carefully sanitized at all times. That means that light fixtures need to be sprayed down constantly with high-pressure hoses to prevent any build-up of food and bacteria. Our IP rating of 69K means that our fixture is not only dust-proof and water resistant but that it is completely waterproof and pressure-proof. Our fixture can be cleaned with high-pressure washing as often as required.


When food safety is the top priority, the details of how the light is constructed are very important. Some concerns and issues surrounding light fixtures in food areas are: chipping paint, glass lens breaking, bacteria growing, and toxic chemicals. All of these details were taken into consideration when designing our Food Processing Light. Our fixture contains no glass, no exposed screws, no harmful chemicals or substances, is powder coated to eliminate any chipping, is corrosion resistant, and has a streamlined body design to prevent water and dust build up.

Oh, did we mention it’s the only food processing light of its kind available in North America? We are pretty excited about the launch of our new LED light and we think you will be too!

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