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4 Lights Every Crane Operator Should Consider

October 3, 2018

We have LED lighting for all types of cranes. These rugged LED fixtures can perform in both indoor and outdoor environments with weather protection ratings. Create a safe work environment by adding fixtures for cab lighting, floodlighting and sign, or image projection. Reduce shadows with under crane lighting designed to withstand shock, vibration, and voltage fluctuations.

Our Top 4 Crane Lights: 

1. Tri-Proof Light:

Our Tri-Proof lights are perfect for illuminating the crane operator’s cab. This light is available in both AC and DC input voltages and has a unique design that is waterproof, dust-proof, and pressure-proof.

2. Gobo Projector:

More than just your average projector! Project signs to improve safety for your employees, or project images that improve your crane’s accuracy. Use it in dark and bright work environments.

3. CHB High Bay:

Reduce shadows and eliminate safety issues with our CHB LED. Our unique wide-range of power supply capabilities allow for frequent voltage spikes during the regeneration process while maintaining light output.

4. SuperLux:

This high-powered LED can withstand the rugged environment cranes are put through and are available in 450W and 600W. The SuperLux has an industry-leading output of 72,000lm and 96,000lm.

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