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Industrial LED Bracket Guide

October 24, 2019

Industrial LED Bracket Guide

When it comes to industrial lighting applications, there’s often a need for a higher quality industrial bracket. Not only do you need a heavy-duty bracket to withstand the vibrations found inside industrial plants, but safety is a top priority at the plants. 

Having the right bracket for the correct application is key to ensuring your LED lights are mounted properly and safety. 

In this bracket guide, you’ll discover which brackets we recommend for a variety of LED lights and key applications within the plant.

why your industrial led fixture needs a heavy-duty bracket

Before we jump into the different brackets and fixtures, we should point out a couple of the key reasons why the vast majority of our industrial customers opt for a custom made, heavy-duty bracket for their application.


Believe it or not, we often hear of lights falling on occasion within industrial plants. This creates a major safety concern and highlights the need to secure your LED lighting for specific applications that see vibration within your facilities. 

To ensure a long-lasting bracket, you need to make sure the bracket is built strong with the right materials. In this bracket guide, you’ll learn more about how our brackets and safety cables help you create a safe environment.

Higher Quality Materials

Using higher quality materials such as stainless steel carries several advantages over standard aluminum brackets. We only use durable materials like stainless steel and build them locally where we can monitor quality control. 

By using stronger material the heavy-duty brackets can withstand the vibration and shock found on industrial applications such as overhead travelling cranes.

In this industrial bracket guide for LED lights, you’ll learn about the differences in a standard bracket compared to how we manufacturer our brackets.

Easier to Install

When you purchase an LED light fixture along with a custom bracket for your application, you’re cutting out the additional site fabricating that otherwise goes along with the installation process. Having a bracket with a simple design makes it easy to install.

It’s also important to have a fixture and bracket that are compact and lightweight. This makes it easier to install, especially on a high ceiling or high crane applications.

How do our fixtures weigh less than others on the market?

Cold Forging vs. Die Casting

We use cold forging for our SuperLux fixtures, compared to die casting. This process creates a light, compact fixture with smaller housing (heat sink), which allows for a lighter bracket and easier install. It also helps for better heat dissipation.

Cold forging has a low density and better heat dissipation performance. This allows our products to have less weight, but better performance than others. This also allows our brackets to be a better fit for lightweight fixtures.

industrial brackets & Applications

While this guide doesn’t cover all of the brackets we offer, it highlights our top-selling brackets. The purpose of the following list is to help you quickly source the right bracket for the correct application.

C-Brackets for Cranes

Our C-Brackets were made for crane lighting but will work well for any application where consistent vibration is present. These brackets are stainless steel, lightweight, easy to install, and are available in either adjustable or non-adjustable for both the CHB fixture and the SuperLux fixture. Along with our crane lighting brackets, we also recommend safety cables on your light fixture for added safety. 

Slip Fitter

Bracket 07 is a slip fitter pole mount bracket. Our slip fitter can be used both indoors and outdoors allowing your fixture to be pole mounted for various applications. Get even more flexibility by adding our adjustable Bracket 03 to your LED fixture and mounting both the fixture and the bracket on to the slip fitter to make your pole mount adjustable to 360 degrees. 

Dual Fixture Mount

We have a variety of bracket options for mounting dual-lens high bay fixtures, floodlights, and crane lights. Our dual brackets 0913, and 14 offer both a heavy-duty adjustable and non-adjustable option for these applications.

For crane lighting, we recommend adding two safety cables, one for each light, making sure that they go through each side of the bracket.

For high bay lighting, we recommend Bracket 09 as the wiring is threaded through a junction box so that a hook can be added to the top of the bracket for mounting. 

Conduit T Box Mount

Our conduit T box mounting option is a great solution for fixtures that are being mounted where existing piping is located. The fixture cables are wired through the conduit box which hides the cables while allowing the fixture to connect into your existing piping. 

Hook or Chain (Standard)

The loop hook and chain are the standard mounting option for our lights. Each fixture includes a loop hook that screws into the top of the fixture for easy high bay mounting. 

Aluminum Brackets

If you’re looking for a bracket on a budget, you may want to consider our cheaper aluminum options. These brackets work well for normal flood or high bay applications where the beam angle needs to be adjusted. Bracket 01 and Bracket 02 are our adjustable and non-adjustable aluminum C-Brackets. Please note that these bracket options are not for cranes or environments where vibration exists. 

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