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NEW Single Lens LED vs. OLD Dual LED

September 13, 2019

Eliminate the need for a double lens LED fixture with our new single lens, high powered high bay.

Dual lens fixtures work great for meeting lumen requirements for industrial high bay lighting applications. Our CHB High Bay fixture has been our most popular high bay for years, the dual fixture included. It is a rugged fixture that can withstand heavy vibration, has wide range voltage options, and is built with a narrow beam for high ceilings.

With all the benefits our dual high bay has to offer, it’s no surprise that it has been a favourite among our distributors for years. 

So why would we tell you to eliminate the dual high bay fixture when it has so many great benefits? Well, now you can get even higher lumen output by using our NEW single-lens fixture!

Our SuperLux fixture is a lightweight, single lens high bay fixture that maximizes foot candles on the working plane for high ceiling applications at over 130 feet mounting heights. 


Double the Output. Half the Weight.

With the SuperLux you’ll easily be able to replace a 1000W fixture at 60 feet or higher with our lightweight, single-lens fixture. Not only has it been tested and proven to last in harsh environments, but it has the same high-quality components we use in all of our fixtures.

Here are just a few reasons you’ll love the new single lens fixture over the old double lens solution:

  1. It’s more cost-effective
  2. Lighter and easier to install, no more installing heavy dual-lens fixtures
  3. Increase you max lumens up to 96,000 – an industry-leading lumen output
  4. Only a single lens bracket is required, no more double lens heavy-duty brackets needed
  5. You only need one driver, not two!

Comparison Chart

Our single lens fixture is now available in 450W with an output of 72,000 lumens and 600W with an output of 96,000 lumens. Although it is hard to argue with these lumen output numbers, we’ve also put together a chart comparing our single-lens SuperLux fixture to our double lens dual CHB high bay so that you can see how the two options measure up against one another.

Success Stories

The SuperLux is quickly becoming a standard 1000W, high ceiling replacement for industrial plants across North America.


Steel Plants


Paper Mills


Mining Operations


Manufacturing Plants

With the SuperLux, our customers have: 

  • Doubled their foot candle reading at the working plane
  • Reduced energy consumption from 1000W to 450W with one fixture
  • Cut the weight of their fixtures from over 60 pounds to just 28 pounds
  • Eliminated costly and timely lighting maintenance from every 2 years to 5 years and beyond
  • Created an easier installation process for high ceiling applications

Our SuperLux fixture was designed for heavy industrial plants as the perfect high bay lighting for high ceiling applications. It is a low maintenance fixture that is proven to last and minimizes costly maintenance including labour costs and maintenance downtime. With previous success on our dual light fixture for high ceiling applications, we are now more excited than ever about our newest single-lens high bay fixture.

Learn More

We work with national distributors in Canada and the United States and also offer a trial demo where you can try 4 lights free for 60 days. If you want to learn more about our SuperLux fixture, our demo trial, or any of our other LED light fixtures, contact us today.

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