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LED Work Light

They May Be Small, But They Are Mighty

July 20, 2018

What’s wrong with the old Halogen work lights on a stand?

 Have you ever turned them on, started to work and felt like you were in a bad tanning salon?


How about having to move them to get close to an outlet, or getting tangled in the cord?

What if you just need them at half-power?

We have the solution you need!

The Small But Mighty RC01:

-Rechargeable with A/C or USB

-Doesn’t get hot

-You can adjust it the whole time you are working

-You can put it at 50% or 100% power

-Up to 3000 Lumens

-Can be used anywhere!

The Small But Mighty RC03:

-Has an extension cord built around the light

-You can work in LED light and plug in your tools at the same time

-You can put it at 50% or 100% power

-Up to 3400 Lumens

-Has powerful magnets to hang up above you while you work

-Plus, it doesn’t get hot!


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