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Our Predictions for 2019’s Top 10 LED Lights

January 16, 2019

LED lights can drastically reduce energy consumption while increasing lighting levels, brightness, and providing superior lighting quality. If you haven’t switched to LED lighting or you are finding your current lighting levels aren’t satisfactory then start the new year by upgrading your light fixtures.

To help narrow down which lighting solution works for you, we’ve predicted what our top ten best selling LED lights will be for 2019. We’ve separated our list into specific categories where each LED light will make a huge impact on its environment.

Warehouse High Bays

Switching out your current high bay lighting for LED light fixtures can solve many warehouse challenges, such as high energy costs, frequent lamp maintenance, and safety concerns in dark areas. Our high bay lighting reaches 100% brightness immediately with no flickering or delayed turn-on times.

1. CHB:

The CHB High Bay is always our most popular fixture. The options for the CHB are almost endless for available wattages, mounting options, and bracket options. This high bay light also works great in other applications as well including crane lighting.

2. HiRack:

This fixture made our list as it is specifically designed for warehouses and aisles. The HiRack generates lighting patterns that provide the best lighting coverage for the shape of aisles. It can save even more energy by turning on only when needed as it is available with occupancy control, dimming control, daylight sensors, and motion sensors.

3. HiPro:

The HiPro is a smaller, lighter, powerful solution to standard high bay lighting. With four available wattage options its a great lighting solution for high bay heights ranging from 12-80 feet.

Crane Lighting

Crane light fixtures need to be able to withstand harsh environments where shock, vibration, and voltage fluctuations are present. Skip the hassle of coordinating labour, lift trucks, back-ordered bulbs and other issues associated with light repairs and maintenance. Upgrading to LED fixtures for your under crane lighting can reduce shutdown times and cut costs.

4. SuperLux:

This is the perfect light fixture for crane mast and area illumination. Eliminate under crane shadows with this industry-leading fixture with a luminous efficacy of 160lm/W. The SuperLux is a superior fixture for crane lighting as well as high bay lighting.

5. Flood Light:

Designed with an adjustable beam angle, our LED Flood Light allows the crane operator to illuminate work areas that need extra lighting.

6. Gobo Projector:

Project customizable images or signs from underneath the overhead crane displaying the image on the work plane below. These images are helpful for both the crane operator’s accuracy as well as the safety of the workers on the ground level.

Food Processing

Lights in food processing facilities need to adhere to strict guidelines for sanitation and safety reasons. The fixtures also need to have a high CRI rating as the food products need to be shown in as close to natural light as possible to reveal the product’s true colour.

7. Food Processing Light:

There is only one light in this category for a reason. The Food Processing Light has the highest CRI rating in the industry and meets or surpasses all the guidelines set in place for this industry.

High Heat & Hazardous Lights

Our hazardous and high heat location lighting can withstand temperatures up to +100°C in environments where flammable vapours, gases, or combustible dust is present. These fixtures have instant illumination and no warm-up time required.

8. EXP-1102:

This hazardous light is C1D2 rated and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C. Use it in environments where an explosion-proof light is required or where extreme heat temperatures are present.

9. EXP-1319:

Our linear option for hazardous or extreme temperature environments. Rated C1D1 and C2D1 this explosion proof fixture can also be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C.

Work Lights

Our final prediction for 2019 belongs to the work light category but can also be used for everyday purposes as well. Our number one selling work light is portable and perfect for use in your warehouse, garage, shop, or camping.

10. Rechargeable Work Light:

This work light runs off of a rechargeable battery so that you can take this light everywhere. It has a 3,000lm output and has a 6-hour run time. Charge this light at work, home, or in your car on the go!

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