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February 22, 2016


There are many benefits to using our LED lighting fixtures instead of fluorescent lights in warehouses and other industrial spaces. Replacing High Bay fluorescent lighting with LED industrial fixtures will lessen greenhouse gas emissions while lowering electricity bills. A single LED light can generate twice as much light while using less power. Our LED lights will save our customers on daily operating costs without sacrificing the quality of warehouse light. In fact, our High Bay LED lighting fixtures will improve the amount and quality of lighting in the industrial space with fewer but more efficient pieces of equipment.

Saving energy through LED High Bay lighting also benefits the environment by reducing dangerous greenhouse gasses emitted by High Bay fluorescent lighting. Not only does this improve the natural environment, it also affects the immediate atmosphere of the industrial space, creating a safer and healthier work environment.

Additionally, our High Bay LED lighting lasts longer than fluorescent lights, saving the customer time and money by not having to replace lights very often. LED lamps are proven to last as much as 10 time longer than fluorescent lights, reducing the number of times that hard-to-reach High Bay fixtures must be purchased and replaced. Fewer replacements also lowers the number of useless lamps filling local landfills and trash facilities.

Our LED industrial lighting fixtures generate less heat than fluorescent lamps, reducing fire hazards due to overheated lights for our customers. Eliminating overheated lamps will also decrease the chances of our customers receiving burns from touching fluorescent lights. In addition, less heat emitted by the High Bay lights will decrease the strains on air conditioning systems inside the industrial space. Our High Bay LED lighting generates a low, steady level of heat that will not impact the atmosphere or temperature of the space. In contrast, fluorescent lights get hotter the longer they run, driving up the temperature of the building and causing the air conditioner to work overtime to cool the space.

While High Bay fluorescent lights take time to warm up and turn on, our LED lights turn on almost instantly, reaching their full brightness and effectiveness. This allows our customers the opportunity to turn on the lights and begin working in the space immediately without waiting for the lights to stabilize their levels. The quick-lighting technology saves our customers time, and electricity is not wasted with our LED Industrial Lighting fixtures.

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